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Application and protection of titanium chemical equipment
May 14, 2016


Titanium material because of its excellent corrosion resistance, low density, specific strength and other characteristics are widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, chemical fiber, wet metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power, marine engineering and other fields.

 The application of titanium equipment greatly reduces the weight of the equipment, reduces the maintenance of equipment, and achieves the goal of reducing the maintenance cost. However, with the extensive use of titanium equipment, the problems of accident and exposure also increased, most of these problems are not related to the protection design. Therefore, the appropriate protection design can effectively reduce accidents, ensure equipment safety and stability operation, not expensive titanium equipment premature corrosion or failure.

Application and problems of 1 titanium chemical equipment

The main application industry and problems of titanium chemical equipment are shown in table 1......

2 titanium material selection

2.1 material selection and design principles

Titanium material in chemical equipment, mainly used in the corrosion resistance of titanium, followed by consideration of high strength, no magnetic, memory function and other characteristics. The designer should be based on the condition of the equipment, the degree of processing, life......

2.2 properties of titanium materials used in chemical industry

The performance and application scope of titanium materials used in chemical equipment are shown in table 2......

2.3 titanium material usage scope

2.3.1. titanium can be used in the following media

Nitric acid chromic acid oxidation medium, acetic acid, terephthalic acid and most organic acid, urea, seawater, salt solution, chloride ion containing bromine ion medium, wet chlorine, dilute alkali, olefin, oil...

The economic benefit analysis of 2.4 titanium equipment

There are two kinds of application of titanium chemical equipment. A situation is, under the condition of some corrosion, stainless steel and aluminum, copper and other commonly used corrosion resistant metal is not corrosion, except only titanium to corrosion (zirconium, tantalum and more precious metal), then only use titanium equipment, do not have economic comparison with other materials. Another case is......

3 Protection Design

Titanium chemical equipment anti corrosion design has a very important significance, which requires designers from the aspects of material selection, economic benefits, anti-corrosion technology (corrosion inhibitors, surface treatment, etc.), processing (welding, casting, heat treatment, such as) strength check and operation aspects to consider.

4 Conclusion

Throughout our design, manufacturing and use of titanium equipment in the last 40 years, has made great achievements in the field of chlor alkali, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, inorganic synthesis, plastics, organic synthesis, fine chemicals, such as, for solving the corrosion problem of many long troubled production enterprises, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, but there are also some problems, which requires we rely on the scientific design of the door, give full play to the characteristics of titanium and advantage, improve the reliability and safety of equipment, make a greater contribution to the popularization and application of titanium and social.