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Application and development of titanium materials
Apr 25, 2016

a series of excellent properties of titanium, the resources are very rich, the production of titanium industry, immediately by the world's attention. 

The application of titanium is first started with the military industry and the aviation industry. In recent years, titanium in the construction, automotive, computer, armor, oil and gas exploration, sports and leisure supplies and other new applications continue to emerge, and the formation of a certain scale production capacity needs.

1.1 construction titanium:

Titanium is an excellent and optional material in many building applications. Such as external coating, hanging wall, roof covering, the outer layer of the distillation tower, roof cover, internal coating, lamps and lanterns, as well as art carving art products and monuments, etc.. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and durability, longer service life than any other metal, and does not require frequent maintenance. Therefore, in the design and development, especially in the life cycle of the titanium material is considered the most practical.

1.2 automotive applications:

Titanium can be used to reduce the weight of the automobile, reduce the fuel consumption, improve the working efficiency, improve the environment and reduce the noise. With data statistics, the weight of the body can be reduced by 10% to reduce the 10% waste emissions and save 7% fuel consumption, so the lightweight car will achieve the "energy saving", "environmental protection" double effect.

1.3 application of titanium in computer:

Titanium has the advantages of light weight, no metal allergy, recycling and other excellent properties, so the application of titanium in the personal computer, mobile phone and other fields are increasing. The use of titanium on the casing and the chassis more computer disk.

1.4 military industry:

In addition to military aircraft, military vehicles and fire arms is the main military application of 

titanium, which is very promising. Military vehicles need to reduce weight, the army has reached its most 

military design weight limit. Any new technology applied to existing vehicles, require the removal of 

considerable weight, and not impact protection performance, so ti is the best choice. Application of 

titanium in military ground vehicles in M1 main battle tank, M2 tank and Bradley tank. The test shows that

 Ti-6Al-4V alloy and TIMETAL alloy Ti-62S model is better than that of conventional homogeneous steel 

armor materials (RHA).

1.5 sports:

Titanium in sports activities is quite extensive, such as golf club and ball, tennis racket, hiking boots, ski boots, hockey skate, bike frame, sprint sports shoes spikes and.

In sports, golf club advantage, titanium is the proportion of small, high strength, can put the ball more, without increasing the total weight of the club. In extensive experiments, the golfer with titanium ball ball head with a standard to increase the ratio of the average hit rate can be increased by 20%, and the hitting distance increased.

Titanium tennis market demand in the upward trend, the framework of titanium mesh in reinforced depth racket, racket hit rate, by the game player. Japan is now almost all of the tennis racket manufacturers are selling titanium racquets, accounting for 50% of the market.

Titanium spectacle frame of light weight, high strength, high corrosion resistance, and no metal allergies and other advantages, the Japanese glasses more than half is titanium frame.

1.6 food industry:

Titanium in food equipment applications appear with high corrosion resistance, light weight, 

biocompatibility, low adhesion, HD cleaning and sterilization of, titanium food equipment with high 

efficiency, long life, low maintenance cost and low product life cost advantages, and has the advantages of convenient installation, easy maintenance. Preservation and processing of food are used with the method, in this regard, titanium metal material is more excellent than others. And in the food processing technology, to prevent from contamination of materials or by etching into microbial contamination of products, corrosion resistance of titanium is the one and only to say. Especially the low adhesion can and Teflon are not opposite to each other. The feasibility of adding titanium processing technology to achieve the deep clean state the cleaning operation becomes simple, and improves the efficiency. Products from pollution, pure taste. Therefore, titanium in brewing, food processing equipment materials become safe and clean raw materials.

2.1 application fields of titanium zirconium alloys

Zirconium is a kind of rare metal, has the remarkable corrosion resistance, high melting point, high hardness and strength and other characteristics, is widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear reaction, atomic energy field. T

he melting point of the zirconium is above 1800 degrees Celsius, and the melting point of the zirconium oxide is more than 2700 degrees Celsius, so the zirconium as the aerospace titanium has its unique advantages compared with the other two. In terms of medical science, titanium and titanium alloys as well as excellent biological safety, excellent corrosion resistance and suitable mechanical properties have become the world's attention, and widely used in human tissues. The use of Ti-6AL-4V alloy is suitable for making the crown and bridge, and the performance of the alloy is slightly inadequate. 

Ti-6Al-4V alloy as an implant material has been applied for many years, the corrosion resistance is better than stainless steel and cobalt chromium alloy in, but because Ti-6Al-4V contain elements of aluminum and vanadium is harmful to human body the in vivo long-term application is limited. 

Therefore, the research on the development of the medical science and the development of denture materials craze, a number of new medical titanium alloy came into being, one to replace the Ti-6AL-4V alloy. Through a large number of experiments, the elements of zirconium belong to the human body, non-toxic and no side effects of the elements of life. Titanium zirconium alloy does not contain toxic group elements vanadium and zirconium elements as the main alloying elements with excellent biocompatibility. 

The addition of zirconium element has little effect on the casting fluidity of titanium, reduces the shrinkage rate of the casting line, and strengthens the mechanical properties of titanium, and effectively improves the welding performance of titanium alloy. Preparation of Ti Zr alloy make up the deficiency of titanium and titanium alloys in the field of oral, more suitable for the production of denture alloy frame, according to the alloy in the biological compatibility of mechanical properties and the advantage, it will be applied titanium in dental implant body and human hard tissue generation materials, can also according to the requirements of the performance of all kinds of implant, in this alloy based, the proportion of alloy elements were adjusted developed more suitable for various types of implant is a new kind of alloy.

At present, the main types and properties of Ti-Zr alloy are as follows:

(1) 50%Ti-50%Zr.

(2) Ti-13.8%Zr.

(3) the composition is 2~5%Cu, 1~9%Zr, 3~5%Mn, 2.5~3%Mb and the rest is Ti.

(4) MST881 type titanium alloy.

(5) biological alloy.

(6) Ti15%-Zr4%-Mb%-Ta0.2%-Pd alloy has good biocompatibility, mechanical properties and corrosion fatigue properties.

(7) Ti29%-Nb13%-Ta4.6%-Zr elastic modulus close to human bone.

The use of titanium and titanium alloy Ti6AL-4V (ELI) alloys as the main material for surgical implants. Recently, good compatibility with the human body Ti6AL-7Nb and Ti-13Nb1-13Zr graft material has also been recognized by the ASTM standard.

Titanium can be used as artificial bone, cells can be regenerated, bone can grow, titanium and human bone, epithelial, to create the organization has good affinity. 

In order to improve the surface quality of the implanted material and the surface of the coarse surface, the biological ceramic layer is also an effective way to improve the surface quality of the surface.

The titanium and titanium alloy is widely used in artificial bone and joint, artificial bone pick Kok board, broken bone fixation, bone nail, artificial heart valve, a skull.